Side Effects Of Forskolin On Your Health

Forskolin has become the new “it” substance for weight loss ever since American show host, Dr. Oz, made it popular in his TV show back in 2014. Just like many other natural substances before it, forskolin is branded and marketed as being miraculous for all people who suffer from weight problems and obesity but are too lazy to change their bad dietary habits and start working out a little bit more. Most people who suffer from overweight or obesity would love to become slimmer but often enough are not willing to take any steps into achieving their goals, unless they require absolutely zero effort and stress. This makes the perfect ground for opportunity investors to come up with new pills and miraculous potions on the market claiming will help you get rid of that extra fat in no time, without even having to buy a gym costume.

Although pure forskolin extract has proven quite effective in some medical studies back in 2014, there are not enough scientific proofs to acknowledge the importance of this Indian root extract to the modern medicine and aesthetics industry. Moreover, some effects could prove, in fact, negative, thus the need for further research. Below you can find a list with alleged negative effects of forskolin:

Low blood pressure

For centuries this Indian root similar to mint has been used in traditional medicine in order to cure heart diseases and affections. Although it was linked to curing high blood pressure often enough, forskolin could, in fact, promote a too low blood pressure, which could potentially be damaging to your health. If taken in uncontrolled amounts to fight against high blood pressure, forskolin intakes could lead to hypotension which manifests through dizziness, nausea, diminished concentration, blurred vision, fatigue, pale skin or even the loss of consciousness. A severely low blood pressure could seize the functioning of your vital organs and prevent oxygen from reaching to the heart or the brain. In some cases, hypotension, unless treated accordingly, can lead to death.

Increased heart rate

Forskolin treatment may also lead to an abnormal heart rate also known as tachycardia. Signs of increased heart rate are often associated with the consumption of caffeine, energizing drinks, alcohol or drugs, as well with intense physical effort. Some of the symptoms of tachycardia may include chest pain, heart palpitations, rapid pulse or, again, loss of consciousness. If you decided to take forskolin on your own, talk to your doctor before in order to avoid or diminish these potential negative effects which may lead to even more serious health affections.

Increased stomach acid levels

People who decide to take forskolin to promote weight loss may even encounter increased stomach acid levels and burns. Side effects of these may include heartburn, indigestion, nausea or local burns. Such symptoms are often linked to far more dangerous stomach problems like gastritis or stomach ulcer, which could lead to internal bleeding. Make sure to discuss with your medic before taking any type of medicines or supplements, even if they are marketed as natural and safe.

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