Tea Trees Oil- Make A Resourceful Blend Using This Oil To Heal Your Wounds

Image associéeIn our everyday life, when we work in a hurry, we often get wounded. Though there is nothing serious in the minor wounds, it may lead to some issues, while you have ignored the condition with no treatment. A small tear or cut on your skin can become the cause of infection. Besides, the area may also turn out to be red and swollen. If the condition is serious, some antibiotics are usually prescribed by the doctors. However, while you like to accelerate the process of healing your wounds, you may better find some safe natural product- tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil, with pungent smell, works best to give you antiseptic solution. The golden colored oil may increase the rate of your healing process as it contacts with the tissues to treat them in the best way. As it has strong power in damaging the virus and bacteria, it successfully prevents infections.

Tea tree oil- How to use it for treating wounds

As per the experts, you have to apply this oil in a specific way to heal the wounds on your body.


  • At first, pour 2 drops of TTO in hot water
  • Then, immerse a cotton piece in this blend, and apply it to the gash
  • Use this solution at least two times on a daily basis to heal your skin


While the level of wound seems to be minor, you do not need to make the area bandaged. On the other hand, while the cut is extremely deep, you have to wrap it up using an adhesive band. Some research has proved that any bandaged wound gets cured at a comparatively faster rate.


Oil and silver to make a perfect solution

There is another advanced way of using TTO for healing wounds. The scientists have pointed out that silver needs to be added to tea tree oil to have more effective result. This type of combination may enhance the antimicrobial roles, and decrease the possibility of adverse effects.

Though both silver and TTO are strong to kill micro-organisms, low concentr­ated solution of these agents increase the ability to fight against microbes. The researchers have tested pathogens, which are related to infection in the skin. Yeast and bacteria are the common factors behind causing infection, and they may be killed with the oil.

But, it is to be remembered that both the stated agents- TTO and silver should not be used in extreme amount. If you have exposed your skin to excessive amount of silver, it may lead to a bluish skin. Similarly, TTO in high quantity to cause some irritation.

The creams or lotions, which have very low quantities of these substances, may be much safer. And you may apply them with no effect on the adjacent skin.

Thus, you may utilize good branded tea trees oil to heal your cuts. This oil is the alternative treatment to any common antibiotics. The affected skill will surely get a relief.

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